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Alizéa Hotel                                                   
Alizéa is a charming hotel with a Creole atmosphere.  There is a restaurant and a bar on the grounds as well as a swimming pool and each room, apartment, and bungalow is spacious and comfortably designed.

Fantastic Guest House                                               
Fantastic Guest House is a charming getaway by the beach and close to dining and entertainment.  The larger rooms have kitchenettes and there is a swimming pool on site.

Hevea Hotel                                                   
This charming and intimate hotel has a variety of rooms, all tastefully decorated.  They are located just a short walk from restaurants and shopping.

Hotel Beach Plaza                                          
This lovely resort is full of every amenity you could desire, from shopping and dining to fitness rooms and a bar.  The rooms are spacious and there is a swimming pool as well as activities on the property, which is located right on the beachfront.

Hotel L’Esplanade                                         
Hotel L’Esplanade is an elegant resort that will enchant you from the moment you step inside.  The décor is unique and beautiful and each suite has a kitchen and a veranda with a breathtaking view.

L’Hoste Hotel                                                
L’Hoste Hotel is a lovely resort on a private stretch of beach.  There is a restaurant at the hotel as well as a bar, swimming pool, and watersports.

Le Petit Hotel                                                
Le Petit Hotel is a beautiful hotel with elegant accommodations.  The hotel is right on the beach close to restaurants and shopping.

Les Balcons d’Oyster Pond                           
This charming hotel features well-equipped bungalows with kitchenettes and verandas.  They are located within walking distance of beaches, restaurants, and entertainment.

Mercure Simson Beach Hotel                        
This lovely hotel features comfortable rooms with great views.  Dining is available at the hotel and there are activities offered both for the kids and adults.

Sol e Luna Inn                                                           
Sol e Luna Inn offers a variety of charming suites with an ambience you will find hard to leave.  The restaurant is exquisite and it is all nestled in a secluded hillside paradise.

Sol’Hotel Ambiance                                      
Sol’Hotel Ambiance features rooms and suites with kitchenettes and great views.  The hotel is situated in a quiet area close to the beach and on the premises are swimming pools and dining.

Soleil de Minuit                                             
This enchanting hotel offers spacious rooms within walking distance of the beach.  There are swimming pools at the hotel with amazing views of the sea.

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