Belair Beach Hotel                                         
Belair Beach Hotel is a hotel with suites and condominium units located right on a beautiful beach.  There are tennis courts and a swimming pool at the hotel as well as a restaurant, bar, car rental, and more.

Carl’s Unique Inn                                          
Carl’s Unique Inn is an intimate inn close to everything.  Each room comes complete with a kitchenette and there is dining on site.

Holland House Beach Hotel                          
The Holland House Beach Hotel is set directly on the beach.  There is dining on site as well as a bar.

The Horny Toad Guesthouse                         
The Horny Toad Guesthouse is a charming and cozy guest house offering   self-catering apartments for travelers.  They are located right on the beach with        lovely views and each apartment has all the comforts of home.

Horizon View Beach Hotel                           
Horizon View Beach Hotel is set directly on the beach just steps from a lively area of Philipsburg.  Accommodations include suites equipped with full kitchens, each spacious and tastefully designed.

Joshua Rose Guesthouse                                
This intimate guesthouse is nestled in the center of town surrounded by dining and entertainment.  The rooms are cozy and on site you can find a market and a kitchen available for guest use, and they are just a short walk from the beach.

L’ Esperance Hotel features fully equipped suites with kitchens and verandas.  There is a swimming pool on the premises and they are located just a   short ways from the beach.

Le Flamboyant Hotel                                     
Le Flamboyant Hotel is an all inclusive resort nestled on the beach. Included are meals, watersports, tours, and more with the option of bundling transportation in as well.

Pasanggrahan Royal Guest House                 
This exquisite and endearing inn is located in a historic building that will    transport you to a time forgotten.  There is a restaurant at the inn, which is located in the heart of town with entertainment just steps from the front door.

The Royal Turtle Inn                                      
The Royal Turtle Inn is an intimate inn close to the airport and the beach.  On site are dining and a swimming pool.

Summit Resort Hotel                                     
The Summit Resort Hotel features incredible views and comfortable accommodations consisting of cottage suites.  There is an onsite restaurant/bar, a swimming pool, and lovely gardens, all set close to the beach.

Turquoise Shell Inn                                        
Turquoise Shell Inn is an intimate guesthouse with self-catering suites complete with kitchens.  At the inn you will find a swimming pool and they are in a great location with the beach, restaurants, and shopping just steps from the front door.

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