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Anse Marcel
            Anse Marcel has some of the most wonderful views on the island.  The beach is quiet and serene.

Baie Longue
            This exquisite beach is home to many of the most elegant homes and resorts on the island.  There is always room to spread out and remains a quiet location year round.

Baie Rouge
            Baie Rouge has amazingly soft white sand that your toes are going to love to wiggle in!  There are food stands on the beach as well as watersports rentals.

Coconut Grove
            Coconut Grove is a good beach to bring the children to with gentle water safe for swimming.

Coralita Beach
            This beautiful beach is secluded and a great place to get away from the crowds.

Friar’s Bay Beach
            Friar’s Bay has a beautiful and secluded beach with calm water that is perfect for children to paddle in.  There is a restaurant with entertainment on the beach.

Grand Case Beach
            This popular beach is full of activity.  There are restaurants on the shore and a beach club with all the conveniences.

Happy Bay
            Happy Bay is off the beaten track but is well worth the extra time it takes to get here.  The beach is postcard-perfect; don’t forget your camera!

Le Gallion
            Le Gallion is a part of the marine reserve and is a nature-lovers beach paradise. There is plenty to do on and around the beach and watersports rentals and tours are available.

Long Bay Beach        
            Long Bay Beach has lovely views but the water is often too rough for swimming. This beach is good for a stroll and a picnic.

Nettle Bay Beach
            The beach at Nettle Bay is charming with dining and bars on the shore.  The water is calm and good for a swim.

Orient Beach
            Orient Beach is one of the most popular beaches in St. Martin.  This beach is full of activity with restaurants, bars, and more.  This is a clothing-optional beach.         

Plum Bay Beach / Baie aux Prunes
            This lovely beach is secluded and generally very quiet.  This is a swimsuit optional beach for those that wish to avoid those pesky tan lines.

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