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Burgeaux Bay
            Burgeaux Bay Beach has rough water that is not recommended for swimming but a nice and quiet atmosphere to relax in.

Cupecoy Beach
            Cupecoy is the best place to get an all-over tan with a “swimsuits optional theme.  The beach is absolutely stunning with cliffs surrounding it.

Dawn Beach
            This idyllic beach is spacious and serene with plenty of room to spread out.  The views are wonderful and the snorkeling is perfect.

Great Bay
            This long stretch of beach is home to the harbour where the cruise ships dock. This makes Great Bay a very busy beach whenever the ships dock, which is almost daily.

Guana Bay
            Guana Bay is the hub for surfers in St. Maarten.  The same rough surf that makes   this beach so great for surfing is what makes it not good for swimming.  The views are absolutely beautiful.

Kimsha Beach
            Kimsha Beach is a great beach to people watch and perhaps make some new friends.  There are often activities going on as well as the every-so-often beach party.  There are watersports rentals, bars, and restaurants on the beach.

Little Bay
            Little Bay is a lovely and small beach with great scuba diving opportunities.  The   water here is calm enough for even the little ones to swim and you can rent watersports equipment and dine in the restaurants right on the beach.

Maho Beach
            Maho Beach is a small beach right by the airport.  While the views are lovely, the planes landing and taking off make Maho Beach one of the…less quiet beaches in St. Maarten.

Mullet Bay Beach
            Mullet Bay offers good conditions for surfing.  There are lovely trees to shade you from the hot sun and there is a food stand on the beach.

Pelican Key
            This lovely and quiet beach has mellow waves that are just right for a swim.

Pointe Blanche
            Point Blanche is great for sightseeing but not for swimming due to the rough surf.

Simpson Bay Beach
            Simpson Beach is lovely and there is always plenty of room to lie your blanket down with few other visitors competing for space.  This beach is right by the airport so it is a bit noisy when the planes are coming and going.

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